Your Answers to Kenyan Freelancing Queries

Find answers to frequently asked questions about freelancing, online jobs, and gig work in Kenya on Tuhustle.

What is Tuhustle?

Tuhustle is the ultimate freelance platform in Kenya, connecting users with a diverse range of freelancers and local service providers for tasks and projects.

Are there any fees for using Tuhustle?

Tuhustle may have fees associated with certain services or transactions. Check your Tuhustle account for specific details.

Can businesses and individuals request customized services on Tuhustle?

Yes, users can request customized services by specifying their requirements when posting a job or task.

How does Tuhustle ensure the trustworthiness of its freelancers?

Tuhustle verifies freelancers' profiles and encourages users to leave reviews, providing transparency and accountability in the community.

Can I use Tuhustle to find short-term freelance gigs?

Yes, Tuhustle offers opportunities for short-term freelance gigs, providing flexibility for both freelancers and businesses.

What measures does Tuhustle take to ensure the security of user data?

Tuhustle employs robust security measures to protect user data, following industry standards and best practices.

How can I pay for services on Tuhustle?

Tuhustle supports Mpesa paypal, credit cards and third party payment options. Check you account for specific payment options.

Can I use Tuhustle on a mobile device?

Yes, Tuhustle is accessible through a mobile-friendly website or though our dedicated mobile applications for added convenience.

What sets Tuhustle apart from other freelance platforms?

Tuhustle stands out by offering a diverse range of remote jobs and local errands thus championing the dreams of freelancers and entrepreneurs, and focusing on the Kenyan professional landscape.

How quickly can I expect to find a freelancer on Tuhustle?

The time to find a freelancer on Tuhustle varies based on the specific requirements of the job and the availability of freelancers. Users can typically find matches efficiently.

Can I request revisions for freelance work on Tuhustle?

Yes, Tuhustle allows users to communicate with freelancers and request revisions to ensure the final deliverable meets their expectations.

How does Tuhustle empower freelancers and entrepreneurs?

Tuhustle empowers freelancers and entrepreneurs by championing their dreams and aspirations for independence, success, and a brighter future in self-employment.

Is Tuhustle suitable for both small businesses and individuals?

Yes, Tuhustle caters to both small businesses and individuals, providing a platform for a wide range of freelance services and errand solutions.

What types of freelance services are available on Tuhustle?

Tuhustle offers a variety of services, including programming, graphic design, UI/UX design, content writing, digital marketing, SEO, virtual assistance, and video editing.

Can businesses find professionals with proven experience on Tuhustle?

Yes, Tuhustle connects businesses with freelancers who have proven business experience to ensure high-quality work.

How are users matched with freelancers on Tuhustle?

The Tuhustle team facilitates the matching process, ensuring users are connected with the perfect talent for their specific needs.

What types of errand services are available on Tuhustle?

Tuhustle offers errand services such as home cleaning, repair and installations, construction services, beauty and cosmetics, pet care services, gardening services, laundry services, and fumigation/pest control.

Can I find remote, hybrid, and flexible jobs on Tuhustle?

Yes, Tuhustle provides opportunities for remote, hybrid, and flexible jobs across various categories.

Is Tuhustle limited to a specific region in Kenya?

Tuhustle operates in the vibrant landscape of Kenya's professional sphere but is accessible to users across the country.

How can I sign up as a freelancer on Tuhustle?

You can sign up as a freelancer on Tuhustle by creating a profile on the platform and showcasing your skills and experience.

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