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Buying Services on Tuhustle - Freelance Platform in Kenya

Tips on Buying Services on Tuhustle

Welcome to Tuhustle - Kenya's premier digital services marketplace, where convenience meets excellence. Whether you're seeking the expertise of skilled freelancers or the efficiency of errand services, our platform offers a seamless journey to fulfill your needs.

At Tuhustle, buying services is more than just a transaction, it's a journey of convenience, trust, and unparalleled opportunities. As you navigate our marketplace, you'll discover a world where your requirements are met with precision, and your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

As you embark on your buying journey on Tuhustle, prepare to be impressed by the wealth of opportunities that await you. Whether you're looking to grow your business, enhance your brand, or simply streamline your day-to-day tasks, Tuhustle is here to help you succeed.

Posting Jobs

Start by posting your job requirements on Tuhustle's Freelance Platform. Our smart matching system will connect you with freelancers whose skills match your project needs.

Reviewing Applications

Once freelancers apply for your job, review their applications and select the best candidate for your project. You can close the job to further applications once you've reached your desired number of applicants.

Making Payments

Payments between employers and freelancers are handled independently, outside of Tuhustle's platform. Once you've chosen a freelancer for your project, arrange payment directly with them based on your agreed terms.

Communicate Clearly

Effective communication is key to successful collaborations. Clearly outline your project requirements, timelines, and expectations when posting a job or interacting with freelancers.

Review Profiles and Portfolios

Take the time to review freelancers' profiles and portfolios to ensure they align with your project needs. Look for relevant experience, skills, and past work samples to make informed decisions.

Use Escrow Services

Consider using escrow services for larger transactions to provide added security for both parties. Escrow services hold funds securely until project milestones are met, reducing the risk of disputes.

Provide Feedback

After completing a project, provide feedback to freelancers based on their performance. Constructive feedback helps freelancers improve and builds trust within the Tuhustle community.

Stay Organized

Keep track of your projects, payments, and communications within Tuhustle's platform for all services to stay organized and facilitate smooth transactions throughout your projects.